Is Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening Better Than An In-Office Treatment?

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Anyone needs to undergo a teeth whitening process to remove teeth stains that were accumulated over time. This is due to ageing and mostly in consuming highly-pigmented food and beverages. However, what appears to be tricky to most is choosing the best method to whiten their teeth. More often, patients purchase over-the-counter whitening products and only a few choose the in-office method such as laser teeth whitening. While there are many options to choose from, not all methods suit to any patient. Selecting the right method starts with knowing the two categories in teeth bleaching.

Two categories in teeth whitening method

Do-it-yourself teeth whitening

This method refers to patients who use store-bought products or home ingredients to whiten their teeth at their own pace. In most cases, they use teeth whitening gels, toothpastes, strips and trays since these are widely available online and in pharmacies. These products contain a percentage of hydrogen peroxide to scrub off teeth stains. Others also use home ingredients such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar in improving the color of their teeth. These methods effectively remove stains off the teeth surface over time, with regular use.  

In-office teeth whitening

In this method, dentists follow a step-by-step clinical process in teeth bleaching to remove deep discoloration. Initially, the dentist performs an oral prophylaxis in order to achieve better results and check his patient’s oral condition. Then, he recommends either Zoom laser teeth whitening or the peroxide bleaching kit. Hydrogen peroxide is the main component in both methods to whiten teeth.

Zoom teeth bleaching is a laser-assisted treatment that activates and breaks down hydrogen peroxide to speed up the whitening process. The dentist applies the hydrogen solution to each tooth while the gums are covered. Then, the Zoom Chairside Power Lamp is turned on for 15 minutes to release light and breakdown the peroxide components. The process is repeated thrice and a special gel is applied to the teeth to prevent sensitivity. In less than an hour, the teeth whitens up to eight times lighter.

laser teeth whitening

Another method that a dentist uses is the take-home dental whitening trays. First, he takes a digital impression of the teeth in creating the patient’s dental trays. These trays are fitted to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide solution only touches the teeth and not gums. The patient wears the tray with the solution for 30 minutes per session. Three sessions are done at the office to ensure the patient is well guided. Thereafter, he’s allowed to take home the trays to continue the whitening treatment at home. This treatment goes on for a 2-week period to ensure maximum results.

3-way-factor in choosing the best teeth whitening treatment

Knowing the several methods helps the patients narrow down their choices. However, these two factors guide them to ace the best method available.


The do-it-yourself method is relatively cheaper as the whitening strips, boil-and-bite trays can be bought at $30 CAD to $80 CAD. Meanwhile, the price for an in-office teeth whitening treatment starts at $400 CAD.


As the name implies, the do-it-yourself method allows the patient to perform the whitening procedure on his own. He simply follows the instructions listed on the label. In any circumstance he shows negative effects after the treatment, he has to stop it at once. Furthermore, he has to be careful not to overdo the treatment to prevent adverse effects on the teeth. On one hand, professional teeth whitening involves dentists who are hands-on to design the whitening treatment plan for the patient. Nevertheless, whatever method that the patient chooses, it’s best to consult with his dentist first to ensure safety.


The use of over-the-counter products to whiten teeth takes about three weeks or longer to see visible results. Furthermore, when the patient forgets to follow the treatment religiously, the effects will take longer. Conversely, an in-office treatment delivers remarkable results in as fast as 45 minutes for the laser teeth whitening procedure.

Apart from maintaining an oral care regimen, following a procedure to whiten your teeth is imperative for an improved smile. Have a bright smile when you undergo teeth whitening in Conklin Road.



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