4 Types Of Dental Crowns That Can Make Your Life Better

Dental Crowns

There are four types of dental crowns that you can choose from. These are ceramic, porcelain-fused to metal crowns, metal crowns, and zirconia dental crowns.

What are dental crowns? They are teeth restoration that covers the entire visible part of the teeth. It becomes the new surface of the teeth. Crowns made at Conklin Family Dental repairs teeth that are too damaged to receive a dental filling. Covering the infected teeth strengthens it while improving its appearance. With some type of crowns, no one will be able to tell the difference from your natural teeth.

Four fantastic types of dental crowns

Ceramic dental crowns

Front teeth restorations usually use ceramic, porcelain-based dental crowns. They easily blend with the color of the natural teeth. This is a good choice for those with metal allergies.

Among the types of dental crowns, ceramic is not advisable for molars and pre-molars. They become brittle with heavy biting.

Porcelain-fused to metal dental crowns

This offers patients two benefits with this type of dental crown. It offers a crown that looks like your natural teeth, while metal structures support it. The metal makes them durable under heavy chewing forces.

Conklin Family Dental uses this for both front and back teeth and long bridges because of the metal’s strength.

Metal dental crowns

Metal crowns are strong, able to withstand biting and chewing forces.  They don’t fracture and wear away easily. Even though metallic in composition, they are biocompatible with the gum tissue. Because of its strength advantage among the other types of dental crowns, your dentist uses this for repairing the back teeth.

Zirconia dental crowns

Zirconia crowns is a mixture of the durability that metal crowns offer and the natural appearance of porcelain crowns. This is like the best of both worlds and is becoming popular now for dental restorations.

Like with metal crowns, this crown is also biocompatible causing no harm to your body. Another advantage of Zirconia crowns is that your dentist can create it at Conklin Family Dental. This saves you both time and money.

Advancement in the innovations inside the world of dental crowns has provided patients with different types of crowns. Each one caters to different needs and has their own advantages. Seek help from your dentist if you are considering getting one.



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